2 thoughts on “People are using social media in the fight against the Dakota Access pipeline project, but the authorities say they’re not fooling anyone.

  1. Gracias for sharing this Syelle. This will be happening here in New York this coming Saturday


    Meet at 10AM. March starts 10:45AM sharp.

    The NYC Prayer March is dedicated to the Standing Rock Sioux Nation as they and allies continue to non-violently resist the invasion of the Dakota Access Pipeline on Indigenous Sovereign Land.

    The Prayer March will begin at the Museum of American Indian and continue through the ancient Lenape trade route through Broadway. Prayer March will conclude at Inwood Hill Park- by the Indian Caves.

    Together, we will conduct water ceremonies at key gas stations and banks supporting the Dakota Access Pipeline.

    Please bring medicine staffs and/or flags. Please bring comfortable clothing and walking shoes. Drums, rattles, songs, regalia are all welcomed and encouraged!

    Exact route will not be posted due to safety precautions.

    General Order of March:
    *Staff Holders, Flag Bearers
    *Lenape Nation
    *First Nations People

    ACCESSABILITY: Entire route is wheelchair accessable. Anyone with disabilities who may not be able to walk the distance are encouraged to meet at the museum and/or reach out to hosts of the event to find convenient places to meet with the march.

    *This is a NON-VIOLENT protest. Do not antagonize the police.
    *No Guns, No weapons
    *Walk on the sidewalk
    *No Face Masks
    *Photos are allowed

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